What you should know about me…


SEO changed my life, and I love giving back to the community that made it possible.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best SEOs in the world. I’ve also had the privilege to work with top companies to solve SEO challenges both large and small.

After moving to Seattle, I picked up a book about learning HTML. Soon after I built my first student website and ever since I’ve been in love with online marketing. I soon found myself the website manager for a major wholesale distributor in Seattle, and in 2010 joined the staff of Moz.

The thing I enjoy most about this community is the sharing of information. Never have I witnessed an industry so focused on helping each other succeed.

SEO should be easy. I believe 90% of search success is achieved with:

  • Search Engine Optimization basics
  • Amazing content – above the fold
  • Pure creative genius ;)

Most companies today haven’t realized the full potential of search as a marketing strategy. It’s still the Wild West and opportunities are everywhere for savvy marketers. My goal is to help shape that industry.

I now lead content and in-house SEO for Moz, which as far as I am concerned is the number one Inbound Marketing company on the face of the earth.

Email is my preferred form of communication and I generally respond within 24 hours. If you contact me via Facebook, Slideshare, YouTube, Inbound.org or any other social service, I may respond more quickly, but am more likely to give the matter less attention. Some of my social media profiles around the web include:

Interested in talking with me? Visit my contact page to find out how.