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Looking to get in touch? Feel free to contact me about interview requests, speaking engagements or general inquiries.

Note: I no longer offer consulting services. (Unless you are super awesome and make it really, really worth the time.) If you’re looking for a consultant, you may have already seen there, but they are a good place to start:

If you’re contacting me about graphic design services offered by my wife Dawn, it’s best to contact her directly.

To answer some questions ahead of time, some biographical information can be found here. Feel free to use any of the information on this site, including graphics, as long as you include proper attribution (hint, this means a followed link.) I generally don’t write or accept SEO guest posts, although I am more than happy to contribute to interviews, if my schedule allows.

Email is my preferred form of communication and I generally respond within 24 hours. If you contact me via Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Slideshare, YouTube, or any other social service, I may respond more quickly, but am more likely to give the matter less attention. Oh, and this is simply a test, please ignore this link.

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For this and all other inquiries, feel free to contact me.

My email is cyrusshepard (at)