Google+ Cheat Sheet

The original Google+ Cheat Sheet is lost to time. I have done my best to recreate it here.

Text Formatting

Bold= *Word*
Italics= _Word_
Strikethrough= -Word-
Formatting options can also be used together. e.g. *word* = word
Note: Formatting must be surrounded by spaces to work.
e.g. word = word but {*word*} = {*word*}

google+ cheat sheet


Names and descriptions of circles are not visible to others. You can also choose which circles will be visible on your profile using “Edit profile” and “[Your name]’s circles”.

Private Messages

To send a private message, remove all circles your post will be shared with, then type the name of the person/circle you want to send it to and disable resharing.


Clicking the +1 button on a post is the same as “like” on Facebook. Clicking the +1 button again will remove your +1.

Muting posts

To stop receiving notifications for a particular post, click the arrow in the top-right corner and choose “Mute this post”.

Voice/Video calling

You can start a voice or video call by opening a chat window, then clicking the phone or camera icon.

Friends tab

People who are not in your circles may see this post.


Google+ allows you to apply one of 6 effects to posted photos. Photos added to Google+ can also be managed on Picasa Web Albums.

Leave Google+

If at some point you want to get rid of your Google+ profile and content, you can use “Account settings”, “Account overview”, then choose “Delete profile and remove social features”. This will still allow you to use Gmail and other Google products.


Hangouts are group video calls with up to 10 people. To start one, click the “Start a Hangout” button, add people to invite, confirm your settings, then choose “Hang Out”. You can also invite people after you’ve started.
Note: Hangouts is unavailable on mobile versions of Google+


By default:
Anyone can email you from your profile. This can be changed using “Edit profile”.
Your location will be included when posting using Google+ Mobile, however, geo location info from photos is not. To turn location off for posts, make a post and choose “Post without location” (this setting will be saved). Your profile is indexed by search engines. To turn this off, go to “Edit profile”, “About”, then “Search visibility” and uncheck the box.


To chat with someone, find them and click “Invite to chat”. The chat window can be resized like a normal window by clicking and dragging edges or corners.

People who are not in your circles may see this post.

People who are not in your circles may see this post.


You can add Photos, videos or links to your posts by dragging links directly to the share box.

Muting posts

Posts can also be unmuted in the same way, by choosing “Unmute this post”.

Disable Reshare

To prevent people from sharing your post, click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable Reshare”.


Mention people in your posts by adding + or @ in front of their name.

Editing/Deleting comments

To edit or delete a comment, click on the “edit” button.

+1 Tab

All of your +1’s can be viewed and managed using the +1 tab in your Google profile.

Extended Circles

By sharing with extended circles people visible as being in a circle of someone in one of your circles will see your post in their Incoming stream.


Use the “View Profile As” and “Edit Profile” options to control what other people will see when they visit your profile.
Note: Profiles cannot be edited on mobile versions of Google+.


You can start a conversation with up to 50 people on Google+ Mobile using Huddle and touching the conversation icon. Like posts, conversations can also be muted using “Menu”, “Mute”.


Sparks is a way of finding news related to your interests. Add an interest and Sparks will link you to stories related to the topic. Clicking the title will take you to the full story. If you lose interest or don’t like the results, interests can be removed by hovering over them and clicking the X.


To edit or delete a comment, click on the “edit” button. To edit or delete a post, click the arrow in the top-right corner and choose “Edit this post” or “Delete this post”. You can also delete others’ comments on your posts by clicking on the arrow in the top-right corner and choosing “Report or remove comments”, then clicking the X by the comments you want to remove.

Clicking the time stamp on a post will display that post with a permalink timestamp.