Joining Forces with Moz!

Today I’m happy to announce that I am joining SEOmoz full-time working on the newly formed content team. I’ll be working with Ashley Tate who has been kicking butt the past year building up and leading Moz’s content strategy.

SEOmoz Team

SEOmoz has succeeded in it’s mission to encourage business to develop white-hat, content based marketing strategies. Today, the Internet faces new challenges. We live in an age where content has become distraction marketing and often is little more than spam. Well intentioned marketing folks, perhaps losing the message, now produce content for content’s sake, while forgetting the audience that they make it for.

It’s been said before but deserves repeating: We don’t need more content marketing, we need better.

In fact, I no longer call it content marketing. I prefer ‘audience marketing’ because the audience is where the focus should be. We don’t measure our sucess by how much content we produce, but by how our audience responds to that content! We measure audience behavior – how many times they share our content, link to it, and talk about it online. How long do they stay on the page? Do they comment? How many other pages of our site do they explore? Content metrics are important, but audience metrics shift the focus to experiences that matter.

So my goals at Moz are not about content, but all about the audience. Specifically, my goals are to help…

  • Empower
  • Educate
  • Excite
  • and Expand

…the Moz audience (the 4 E’s of Audience Engagement.) Moz has 100’s of authors contributing to world’s largest free and open exchange of Inbound Marketing information. You could even say we have 1000’s of contributors if you include all the comments and Q&A submissions. We also have dozens of guides, tools, reports and platforms to distribute content. The challenge lies in delivering amazing value across all of these channels.

For now, this means shutting down my consulting business, although I continue to work on a few SEO projects.

I’m super excited about the new opportunity and joining forces once again with the most awesome marketing software company in the galaxy!

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